Fitness myths

For almost 2 years I have been working with a personal trainer. With her help I have lost 57 lbs and 20% body fat. My experience has inspired me to look at careers in the health and fitness industry. As I have study to become a personal trainer I have come across many myths about fitness. Here are some example of four of the top myths and the actual facts.

Myth 1: Spot reduction ( you can burn fat from specific regions of body by exercise in those areas)
Fact: There is no science or factual basis supporting the spot reduction phenomenon. When you exercise you utilize energy produced by metabolizing fat from ALL the regions of your body, not just the specific muscles involved in an exercise. Performing sit ups for example will not trim the fat off your abdominal region any more rapidly than off your butt or thighs. The exercise may firm up the area but will not make it disappear. Your body is genetically predisposed to storing fat in certain locations in a certain order.

Myth 2: Women who lift weights will end up looking like men
Fact: The reason men are able to become bulky is because they have 16x more testosterone than women do. It would be very hard for a woman to become bulky because of the fact women have a lot less testosterone. Men also have more muscle fibers as well as larger muscle fibers than women do, placing them at an advantage from the start. Women bodybuilders who look really bulky is because, they eat, train, and take supplements specifically so they can look like that! Not to mention they’ve been working towards that goal for years and years.

Myth 3 Principle of individual differences ( what works for her will work for me)
Fact: We all will have similar responses and adaptations to the stimulus of exercise but the rate and magnitude of these changes will be limited by our different genetics. Some people will respond faster than others and some will also have the capacity to reach the elite status and some will not. Although everyone will perform the same exercise, they will not receive the same benefits at the same rate or at the same extent. So in general we also have unique characteristics, different lives, preferences, and struggles. The only way to know what works for you is to try it out and then track your results.

Myth 4 Detoxing and cleansing products( detoxing products will only enhance your results)
Fact: The term detox may sound scientific and is a valid medical term. In a medical setting, real detoxification refers to treatment for dangerous levels of drugs, alcohol, or poisons and is provided in a hospital. The alleged purpose of detox/cleansing treatment is to remove harmful toxins that the body cannot remove on its own. The human body’s intrinsic application system it’s remarkably sophisticated and versatile. The liver is incredibly efficient at getting rid of toxin substances, it contains enzymes which converts toxic substances into less harmful ones. They are then dissolved in water and remove in the urine. The kidneys eliminate many toxic substances that are soluble in water. They reabsorb essential chemical and excrete unwanted chemicals and in the urine within a few hours to prevent prevent them from accumulating. The gastrointestinal tract is a harsh environment and prevents many harmful bacteria from entering the body. The colon is responsible for expelling unwanted solid material from the body. Since we already have a wonderful detoxification system, the claim that we are accumulating vast quantities of dangerous toxins is ridiculous and demonstrates a profound ignorance of human physiology and metabolism.

When you start your journey to become a healthier version of yourself seek the advice of your primary care physician or a  dietitian or personal trainer. Even if you just have questions, they will be able to give you sound advice.


The Benifits of Exercising

I have worked with a personal trainer for over a year. She has helped me to lose 57lbs and 20% body fat. Just the change has helped me to feel better about myself. I know that not everyone can afford a personal trainer. When I am not meeting with my trainer I do some type of exercising. I have found apps for my phone that will give me a workout routine without using weights or having to go to the gym. One is #HIITCardioTraining another is #DailyCardioWorkout Nike also has an app with workouts.

When ever I go into the gym and am angry I never leave angry. I always feel less depressed or less angry if at all after I workout. Science has proven that exercising helps with depression. It helps speed metabolism and deliver more oxygen to the brain; the improved level of circulation in the brain tends to enhance your mood. It also helps to release feel good brain chemicals (neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids). Another way exercise helps depression is by reducing immune system chemicals that can worsen depression while also increasing body temperature, which may have a calming effect (according to the Mayo Clinic)

Exercise also help many other illnesses such as: Diabetes, Fatigue, Glaucoma, Headaches, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure etc…

As far as depression, when you are anyone is depressed going to the gym or exercising is the last thing that you want to do but once you get motivated, exercise can make a big difference.